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Esmé Parish Silver has, since 1983, possessed a unique mix of WesternChinese and Japanese Export silver. Now with the addition of Indian and Burmese silver Esmé Parish has added to its inimitable collection. Even with just a glance, it is little wonder that the magic of art and craft masterfully make their presence felt in every piece.  The range spans an antique collection from the Chinese and Japanese silver of the 19th and early 20th century to Western silver that made their way through Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. Within its extensive range, one is also sure to uncover several modern and contemporary pieces that make wonderful gifts or great personal possessions.  Wedding gifts are a specialty. With operations in Singapore and Hong Kong, Esmé Parish Silver retains its personal touch and enjoys the process of curating, selecting and sharing the stories attached to the silver. Every piece tells a special story.


An English ex- banker (Chemical Bank and Bankers Trust), Esmé Parish started Esmé Parish Silver in 1983 in Singapore – turning a hobby into a business. The company now operates in Singapore, Hong Kong . It works via private sales and exhibitions. The company specialises in all things sterling silver – both antique and new.  Chinese Export silver is of particular interest because of its  unique history and scarcity. Esmé is one of a few specialists in Chinese Export silver. She holds semiannual exhibitions of antiques displaying both Chinese Export and Japanese Export as well as English antique silver. Esmé Parish has given talks to various interest groups in Singapore (China Society, Friends of the Museum and various Clubs), Hong Kong (to the Friends of the Art Museum-Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Ceramic Society, YWCA, LRC, The Corona Society, the Asia Society), Tokyo (The Tokyo American Club and various women’s interest groups), Shanghai (SEA) and in Paris. Esmé Parish Silver sponsored a Chinese Export silver exhibition at the Asian Civilisation Museum in Singapore having also appraised several pieces in the Museum’s collection. She has published articles in various magazines including for Friends of the Art Museum, the Chinese university of Hong Kong and Culture magazine

ABOUT GRACE - Singapore

Grace has worked with Esmé Parish Silver for more than 20 years and knows the inventory inside out. Over the years she has accumulated an extensive knowledge of all the different types of silver and is happy to answer any enquiry when Esme is not in town.


Jennifer has recently joined Esmé Parish Silver. She has lived in Hong Kong for more than 10 years and is a familiar face around the fairs where she has been selling her own jewellery line. She speaks Italian, French and German. A great addition to the silver team.


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